Blackout Bill not taking Australia’s energy security seriously

Federal Member for Gilmore Ann Sudmalis has taken a swipe at the opposition Labor party labelling them ignorant and irresponsible.

“Bill Shorten aka Blackout Bill and the Labor Party have again shown they are taking us all for fools,” she said.

“They do not take Australian’s energy security seriously.

“Does he honestly think that our energy supply is not in a state of crisis,” said Mrs Sudmalis. When asked whether he would support keeping coal-fired power stations open in light of projected electricity supply shortfalls in the future, Bill Shorten revealed that he would prefer to ignore the issue:

LANE: The Liddell Plant in NSW is slated for closure in 2022, would you support taxpayer money or incentives being used to extend the life of that plan?

SHORTEN: I think that’s an issue for down the track…

LANE: Sorry just to pick up, I’m sorry, AEMO points out there are going to be major supply issues around this summer, next summer, the next four to five years.

ABC AM, 7 September 2017

Bill Shorten’s negligence is obviously infecting his frontbench too, with his Energy Spokesman Mark Butler denying the official advice of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO):

ALBERICI: Can you answer my question? I’m so sorry to keep pressing you. But would you consider…

BUTLER: I don’t accept the premise. ALBERICI: You don’t accept the idea that to keep the lights open… You don’t accept the premise that it was articulated in the AEMO report that there is going to be a shortfall?

BUTLER: Yes ABC Lateline, 7 September 2017 In a recent Gilmore survey, 89% of respondents said they were in favour of coal-fired power stations.

The Coalition Government is committed to improving competition and lower energy prices, including commissioning the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to review the electricity market