Ann is here to help

You may not be unaware of some of the services available through your Federal Member of Parliament. As your Member, I am able to offer a range of services to the community, and my electorate staff are available to assist you with any enquiries or concerns you may have. Listed below are some examples, but if you have a question not covered here, give us a call.

Justice of the Peace

Representatives from the Justices’ Association of NSW are available for JP services Monday to Friday, from 10am to 2pm. No appointment necessary. Please bring with you copies of any documents you require to be certified.

Community Organisations

If you are a member of a community organisation and would like to update us on your details, you may do by emailing me directly or contacting my office.

If you are holding an event, we are also able to add the details to our Community Calendar.

Letters and Certificates of Congratulations

Gilmore residents celebrating a special birthday or wedding anniversary can receive personal congratulations from the Prime Minister, Governor-General or The Queen.

The Prime Minister will send a message of congratulations to people turning 90 years of age or more. The Queen and Governor-General will send a message on a 100th birthday. On request, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General will write again every year and The Queen will write again every five years.

The Prime Minister and Governor-General send messages to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage and subsequent wedding anniversaries. The Queen sends messages to couples celebrating 60 years of marriage and will write every five years after that on request.

This table below outlines eligibility requirements for Anniversary Messages.
50th Wedding Anniversary
50th plus Wedding Anniversary
90th Birthday 90th plus Birthday
Prime Minister

100th and every year thereafter

The Queen

60th and every fifth thereafter


100th and every fifth year thereafter

Note: Messages from The Queen can be arranged for couples or individuals who did not receive a message on their 60th wedding anniversary or on their 100th birthday, as the case may be.

You will need to provide supporting documentation like birth certificates or marriage certificates. If these are not available you can provide a statutory declaration. Statutory declaration forms are available at any post office.

Remember to allow enough notice time (generally 6 weeks).

To make an application, please call 4423 1782 or email You can also visit our office in person to make an application.

Representations to Ministers or Federal Departments

In some limited circumstances, we are able to assist you in liaising with Federal Ministers or Government Departments such as Centrelink, the Australian Tax Office, Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Department of Immigration. Please contact us by phone or in person for further information.

Electoral Enrolment

If you are 17 or have recently turned 18, moved house or changed your name, you will need to complete a new electoral enrolment form. To check your current enrolment details, visit the Australian Electoral Commission by clicking on the link below. Information concerning changes to enrolment deadlines are available from the website below:

Seniors Cards

If you are 60 years or older, you may be eligible for a NSW Seniors Card or Seniors Business Card. These cards provide access to certain State Government concessions and business discounts. Information brochures and applications forms are available from my electorate office or by linking to the form below.

For more information on seniors discounts and entitlements, you can visit the Department of Communities by clicking on the link provided below:

Companion Cards

The Companion Card was developed to remove the financial barrier for people with disability who require lifelong attendant care support to participate at events, activities and venues. The National Companion Card brings together state and territory programs that enable eligible people with disability who require attendant care support to participate at venues and activities without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their companion. For further information go to

Letters of Support

We are happy to provide letters of support to not-for-profit organisations who are applying for government funding. We do require information to assist us in formulating our response, so a letter of support request form can be requested from the office or alternatively an email request with the following information:

  • Name of Organisation
  • Mailing Address
  • Contact Name & Position
  • Contact Phone
  • Purpose of Organisation
  • Project for Grant
  • Amount applied for (and Source of Funding)
  • Benefits to Organisation
  • Benefits to Community
  • Additional Information 


Please allow 2 weeks to process.

Government Grants

We are able to assist community groups, clubs and organisations apply for many grants available through the Federal Government. For details of the types of grants available, please visit the following websites:

Federal Grant Sources

Philanthropic Sources

Australian Flags and Royal Portraits

I can provide your school or non-profit organisation with a complimentary Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander Flag. Gilmore residents with a private flag pole are also eligible to receive a complimentary flag.

Portraits of Her Majesty the Queen, and Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh can also be provided on request.

Contact our office by phone or by email for information.