Gilmore workers first, Unions last

The Coalition Government today has taken a stand to support workers’ rights, protecting individuals against union corruption, stopping the unions from using membership fees to pay for a whole range of dodgy items, none of which help the worker!

The Heydon Royal Commission uncovered a lot of payments between unions and employers designed to make sure companies got favorable treatment from unions. Often these were at the expense of worker’s pay and conditions.

Many of the worst examples identified by the Royal Commission included payments by employers to the Victorian branch of the Australian Workers Union, then run by Bill Shorten.

Federal Member for Gilmore, Ann Sudmalis said tough new laws banning hidden and dishonest payments between employers and unions have come into effect, making sure Aussie workers are put first when workplace agreements are being negotiated.

“This means that fair wages and conditions are being put forward by union reps, not payments for other reasons to exploit the very workers they’re supposed to represent,” she said.

“We hear about dodgy deals being done with union member’s money all the time, kickbacks used for personal expenses, companies getting favorable treatment from unions, the list goes on,” she said

“Enough is enough, The Fair Work Amendment (Corrupting Benefits) Bill was passed by the Parliament on 9 August. Legislation commenced yesterday.

“The Government requires complete detail of all payments made between employers and unions. It will be illegal to give, receive or offer payments for employer benefits.

“Our new laws protecting workers will include criminal penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment to an organisation found guilty of breaking the law and fines of up to $5.25 million,” said Mrs Sudmalis.

Employers cannot make payments to unions unless it benefits the workers and any benefits that come through the bargaining process have to be put to the workers before they vote on it. Time to really put the workers first!