Forty-fifth Parliament first session-fourth period

The Quality Schools package will deliver an extra $25.3 billion in recurrent funding for Australian schools over the next 10 years. Our total Commonwealth recurrent funding is $249.8 billion over about 10 years. For the first time, real needs based funding will be provided, and it grows from $17.5 billion to $31.1 billion.

This week we launched the Australia Safer Internet Day. This was done by the eSafety Commissioner, the Prime Minister and my colleague Nola Marino, who has been advocating for this for many years. Young people who are experiencing bullying should ring 1800 551 800 and report it to the eSafety Commissioner.

Presentation to the House of the final report for the committee’s inquiry into educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

We need to help turn the tide on the dependency cycle of drug and alcohol addiction and the subsequent social and cultural damage that are the results.

This bill amends the Banking Act to establish a Banking Executive Accountability Regime, commonly known and frequently referred to in here as ‘the BEAR’. The BEAR is a strengthened responsibility and accountability framework for the most senior and influential executives and directors in banking groups. To support the BEAR, the bill gives the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority—APRA—new and strengthened powers.