Triple Care Farm opens

Federal Member for Gilmore, Ann Sudmalis today officially opened Mission Australia’s Youth Detox Facility at Triple Care Farm.

There was a two year battle to receive the committed funding from the Australian Government said the Federal Member for Gilmore.

“The Sir David Martin Foundation was instrumental in creating the financial environment that enabled the $2 million grant to be allocated, and they should be commended,” she said.

“This is a unique facility in Australia, the only place where young people between 16 and 24 can detox and then attend the exceptional rehabilitation program that operates at Triple Care Farm.

“The Farm is on the frontline, working against Ice addiction in our community.

“The opening of the detox youth facility is a celebration of determination, compassion and successful outcomes in the battle against ice addiction.

“This $2 million of funding will help hundreds of young people affected by drugs, including Ice and alcohol misuse, to get their lives back on track.

“The team at Triple Care Farm has a proven track record in providing tailored programs and ongoing support and I hope other facilities in Australia can look at this one as a source of inspiration.”

After completing the 12 week residential program, young people can access the ‘Aftercare Programme’ which offers six months of follow-up and support in the community.

Triple Care Farm is a state-of-the-heart facility and a community leader.

“I congratulate all those who work and volunteer at triple care farm, the fundraisers and the Sir David Martin Foundation and Mission Australia for their vision in conceiving and delivering of this project,” said Mrs Sudmalis.